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Real Estate Development #13 - Final Grading and Hardscape

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Alright guys are where it's Cedar Avenue you can see from the background that we're starting to get into our final grading flat work and landscape phase you can see from the building that we're starting to get pretty complete here so the interiors are complete and just need to finish up the exteriors and get our final inspections, get in to our final inspection cycles and get a certificate of occupancy on this thing.


So I think this may be one of the final videos we do hope you guys have found this to be worthwhile watching the whole thing I've tried to come pack it in too compacted into a short and sweet version of a you know lengthy process and that's it for today thanks.

here's a shot from the outside start to look complete got guys starting to grade the front driveway it's a little messy still from the stucco but you can see these guys are starting to grade this, final grating by hand old school so just a shot of the outside startinh to come together.

I'll show you a little view of how messy gets when the stucco is one but before it gets cleaned up looks like surface of the Moon you know is that's pretty typical to stucco guys will come back and get that cleaned up should make sure when you do your contracts for stucco then cleanup is part of the scope of work as you can see there's a ton of it and it's just like you know concrete rubble all over the place.


This is an overview of the driveway as we set the forms, water lines are in everything's ready to go there's our new fence so we are on the downhill slide to complete this project.


This is our LED planner pit basically dig out the dirt and then we're gonna build a block line pit and then the majority of the state site drainage will drain into this pit, percolate down and it's basically a method of the tension pretty typical these days in the new code for California.




Here I'm going to show you a little bit of the piping going into this LED pit so these pipes are from when I showed you before I tie into the downspout you can sort of see that's one that will tie into the gutters once those are installed at the roof they'll come down water will flow into that one and that one likely is that pipe right there and then this pit will get filled with gravel and it's what we call it dry well and so that fill up, percolate into the ground to the degree that percolates which is somewhat and then it's not installed yet but somewhere around right here a pipe will go out underneath the sidewalk and go out the face of the curb and so when this thing fills up so water comes in there, drains down them that is the water rake it's up there's a higher pipe here and then it's that height of that water reaches that higher pipe that it will drain out to the curved face into the normal state storm drain system.

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You know for the city yeah somewhere down there will be a storm drain that's actually down there this is just a way of like retaining water so it fills up to a certain degree holds the water and then eventually when there's enough water there flows out so if you have a small rainstorm the water will just go in here only you know let's say it fills up halfway and that eventually that will just percolate into the ground at the percolation rate. Some sites don't have perc at all like our site in Fullerton does not percolate at all like zero it's all clay and so we actually have to retain the water and bioswells think of it like a ditch with you know plant material in it so it slows the water flow down and then eventually runs into the storm drain for the city sewer like this one does through the air into this curb face, just a slightly different version of it based on the percolation rate the site here.

On this project we're starting the driveway pour so it's I'm going to show you some video downstairs but it's a little hard to see but we got our layout lines for the slab and flat work for the driveway in the middle right there we're actually gonna get a pretty big chunk that will be a pervious surface so where that small pile of trash is sort of in the middle of it and that's like a permeable pavers permeable concrete or slotted concrete loud drainage to percolate into the soil under California's pack development design standards basically they want to try to keep runoff on site and either percolate into soil via like a permeable paver be able concrete surface or we run it into a storage like a sump or Li deep it more California fun. So here's a little somewhere set up for the concrete let's see that's going to be a little landing for that front door walkway finish this LI deep pit, it but you can see the sidewalks unit so there's a front door of one unit and that's a front door to another unit so different.

So this finish here is called the broom finish and literally they will do the finishing, get it smooth and then they'll just basically rake up hard bristle brush like a push broom brush cross the wet concrete and it leaves these grooves and gives it like a texture there.

Just a quick video of all the flat work now complete some walkways makes these projects real, concrete looks good, they've done nice work. Getting prepped for installing landscaping see these guys are clearing and grubbing what was the parkway and then they've done their final grading for the landscape and you can see they've got these red flags planted start to locate you know plants, plant materials are gonna go in that location.

Alright here we are on the final walkthrough on the exterior for 1719 Cedar Avenue this thing has done landscaping is in its gonna give a quick overview what this thing looks like on the exterior

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