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Why Alignment of Interest is Important in Workforce Housing Investments

How the Recession Brings Increased Demand for Shared Housing


The oncoming recession brings with it a whole host of opportunities. One of these can be found in the world of shared housing. In this video, Scott Choppin, Founder/CEO of Urban Pacific explains how the recession will bring increased demand for shared housing.

From this video:

Scott: What happens is they start to look for a unit where they can economic-share the most efficiently, and effectively. The space that we see as a growth component of that marketplace are units that are, say, three to five bedrooms; our product, UTH, being a five-bedroom model. But we would see uptick in demand for, say, three, and four bedrooms. Older apartment units would be another place that we expect to see demand. That's one component of it is this economic sharing. So, recession has folks get defensive and start to combine together to share income, and expenses across the large group.

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