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DJE Podcast | Real Estate Investing with Scott Choppin

DJE Podcast

Investing in real estate can be a risky business. Scott is a real estate developer of highly undersupplied, multi-generational urban housing for families. He is producing investor opportunities in long-term hold new construction investments, which is a little different from what we normally talk about and he focuses on high demand urban metros.

"I still have to basically convince investors that the risk mitigation or risk profile is worth the investment.
And so generally, we're going to need to be at higher cash on cash return or at least equal on cash on cash. Once we're stabilized relative to other competitive offers in the value-add space and so generally for us, you look at it high teens low 20s on a 5-year investment for an IRR. An IRR is a good indicator although it's very sensitive to how you underwrite and particularly any underwriting is a function of how well are the projections that you make into the future. Am I trending rents? Am I trending operating expenses? Am I doing it appropriately? We don't trend rents but I know lots of people who are in a new development that hey, I'm going have you know 5% bumps for the next three years while under development so my rents will be 15% higher when I get there." Scott Choppin



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