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We Build Great Apartment Communities Presents: Creating Intelligent Underwriting in Uncertain Markets with Scott Choppin

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With so many market forces to consider, it may seem impossible to protect your business from upcoming changes that can potentially ruin deals. This can present a problem for any real estate developer.

Although you cannot control market changes, one way you can insulate yourself is through protective underwriting.

In this episode, we have a very special guest. Scott Choppin, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of The Urban Pacific Group of Companies join us. He’ll be sharing his experience and knowledge on how to create protective underwriting with enough room to maneuver for mistakes since as we all are familiar with, there are no perfect deals in the world of real estate.

If you want to learn how to overcome market changes through insulative underwriting, what the emerging housing demands are in the market today, priceless leadership advice, and other real estate tips and tricks, then this episode is a must for you!

"So I got the spectrum and that really informed what ultimately became our choice of the product originally. And then as it's evolved into this workforce housing space. So really quick Urban Pacific is a development company. We're a real estate developer. Well, you know, it's all real estate developers do. You find deals. We find land, we acquire it, we entitle it, we design it and we build it, rent it, and either sell it. Or all of our sites, all of our projects, we now keep long-term hold. So that's fundamentally what the real estate developer does."-Scott Choppin

In 2012-2013, the real estate market was making a return. By 2016, it was still on the rise, meaning a real estate developer could finally secure land and begin to profit from the business. During his research, Scott discovered that competition in the housing market was high. He decided to take a different approach instead.

Scott introduced a contrarian concept: the UTH, or Urban Townhouse. As a real estate developer, he created a new category in the real estate world. He did not build truly affordable housing or government-subsidized housing. Scott also did not build luxury housing. Instead, he created an innovative housing structure known as UTH.

These Urban Townhouses that Scott Choppin has developed appeal to those in the working class, also known as blue-collar families. It is meant for multi-generational families with multiple income earners. UTHs are created in infill neighborhoods where these families already work and live.


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