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"I figure that we have several years of, you know, lower competition in this townhome rental space. And then people start to pick up on. In fact, the build-to-rent industry, and the industry where they go building single-family homes or what I would call ours as rental homes or attached homes is a newly growing part of that multi-family marketplace." -Scott Choppin

The build-to-rent industry has a high demand for single-family homes. This demand exceeds the supply developers can provide. In order to take advantage of the market, developers are producing communities of rental homes. These homes mimic the multifamily management model.
Click here to learn more about the build-to-rent demand.


Most investors you talk to will tell you California isn’t a good market to invest in. It’s rare to hear a podcast guest talk about real estate success in Southern California. Our guest Scott Choppin is here to tell you that California can, in fact, produce great returns on multifamily properties. You just have to be creative.

Scott and his team are based out of Long Beach, California, and they focus on multifamily developments around L.A. County. They’ve honed in on a niche market of four and five-bedroom, townhome-style multifamily apartment homes. These uniquely large multifamily units serve blue-collar communities that are increasingly living with roommates.

What started out as an experiment has grown into Scott’s bread and butter business plan. Listen in to hear how Scott is able to execute these developments in the hardest part of the country to do business.



While the build-to-rent industry may be in high demand, Scott Choppin is not worried about competition. Click here to learn why multifamily homes are still relevant in 2021.

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