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Going Long Podcast with Host Bobby Keels and Guest Speaker Scott Choppin

Urban Pacific - Blog Format (13)

Scott Choppin introduces his concept of "urban infill" in this podcast with host Bobby Keels.
What is urban infill?

"So urban infill is just sort of what it sounds like we're infilling in the urban fabric of development. So we're finding underutilized sites, vacant sites, but they're in already existing neighborhoods. And that would be versus, or the opposite of going out to the periphery of a city where it's undeveloped. People call it green fields where it's unbuilt land and you're building new. We're finding sites that are, you know, right in Downtown Long Beach or Downtown Los Angeles, although our product, our urban townhouse is sort of, you know, two or three concentric rings outside of the Downtown area. It's still in existing neighborhoods. So really just thinking, building new housing in existing neighborhoods would be, I think that the shorthand way of thinking about it."


Urban infill was the heart of their real estate project development until 2016. Due to the tracking of supply chains, the need to adjust their niche was needed. No one wants to compete in an oversupplied market with an abundance of suppliers. This caused an adjustment in their plan, which later led to the UTH project.
Scott Choppin searched for an uncontested marketplace. One that was undersupplied, but still carried good characteristics. The way Scott describes the market is simple: there is true affordable housing for low-income families on one end. The other end of the market is luxury housing. He decided to develop housing projects that met the needs of those in the middle.


During this time, Urban Pacific developed housing for middle-income families. This housing was geared towards multi-generational families with multiple incomes. While these housing developments were coming to life, they still implemented the use of urban infill to an extent. They did build these properties on underutilized pieces of land already located in neighborhoods.

Now, his five-bedroom, four-bath urban townhouses are made built to rent. They focus on middle-class, blue-collar families. UTH, or urban townhomes, offer multi-generational families the ability to stay together while still affording their lifestyle.

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