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Urban Town House (UTH)

Multi-Generational Workforce Housing

About The Urban Pacific Workforce Housing Strategy


Urban Pacific is bringing to market a truly unique multi-generational economic sharing built-to-rent real estate development strategy to address today's underserved new construction rental housing market. Our innovative 5 bed, 4 bath, 3 story workforce housing product type called Urban Town House (UTH), serves the "Forgotten Middle" middle class working families in need of new housing that fits their economic situation.


Urban Pacific's Workforce Housing strategy will capture the deeply underserved multi-generational multi-earner family housing market with tenant incomes generally at 80% to 120% Area Medium Income (AMI).

The U.S. housing market today is characterized by demand significantly outweighing supply. A 2021 report from the National Association of Realtors found that home construction over the last 20 years has fallen 5.5 million units short of historical trends. Urban Pacific’s goal is to address today’s underserved new construction rental housing market through the development of a portfolio of new UTH projects. Focused on Los Angeles and Orange counties, Urban Pacific's UTH development strategy serves working class families and roommates, providing economic stability and comfort for families in the deeply undersupplied Southern California housing market.

To invest in a UTH project, please email Scott Choppin at