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Rental Property Owner & Real Estate Investor Podcast Presents: Solving the Need for Workforce Housing with Scott Choppin

Urban Pacific - SM Format (9)

Today we’re going to discuss workforce housing. What is it, who benefits from it, and how is it being developed?

And here to have this conversation is Scott Choppin, a seasoned real estate developer with hundreds of millions of dollars of experience and specialization in workforce housing. He’s also the founder of Urban Pacific, which specializes in the development of a unique type of Urban Townhouse.

Scott is going to share the development model that he’s employing in middle-income neighborhoods that cater to co-living and inter-family residents. We’ll discuss the cost-saving techniques he’s employing to develop and build these properties without any type of government subsidies. We’ll also discuss the defensive nature of this type of housing against economic downturns and the financial fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.


"Now I knew it couldn't be deeply income and rent-restricted like true governments subsidize affordable housing. Because the subsidy in fact makes up for the shortfall when you lower your rent so much, right. You end up producing a gap in the capital stack that has to be plugged in with this soft money we call it. So I go, let's look at really middle income or moderate-income. So that was the genesis of the UTH or urban townhouse and you're right. Five bedrooms, four baths are completely out of the mainstream and that's in fact by design. And it's done that way because in our research, large blue-collar working families that live in these major urban metros, that is our primary demographic. And these families are going to be between 6 and 10 people, or multigenerational. They're going to have two to four wage earners, right. And what's unique about that, one is the large family size first, but also the two to four wage earners is a real key and we'll talk about economics cycles later." -Scott Choppin

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