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What To Do During A Market Crash

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"In this podcast, you'll learn:

Is it important that you choose a great partner or a mentor for you?
What is CHFA?
There's so much demand for affordable housing now.
What is an Oversubscription?
What is Multifamily New Construction Asset Class?
Urban Town House (UTH) is a three story on grade town home rental product.
The modular systems still don't deliver the cost efficiency that you can provide, using a loyal long term subcontractor base combined with a very efficient build plan.
Corona virus causing the prices drop 20-30% in modular housing.
Build through a recession.
Be very cautious in doing Rent Underwriting in times of economic downturn.
What is an Economic Sharing Model?
What is Cash on Cash?
What is a time weighted calculation?
Go out and read articles on what IRI is and how it is calculated.
Build your own model."

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